What You Should Be Watching / Girl Power

This is a result of one overriding thing: I am Queen of Procrastination. You may try and contest that fact, but trust me; I even procrastinated in writing this. When I first drafted this post I was sat in bed listening to the radio, pretending not to think about the fact I had an essay due in three days. Said essay had been set around two months prior. Basically, I’m a total idiot. However, when I’m stressed and have deadlines, for some reason all I end up doing is turning off the lights, snuggling up under my duvet and binging TV series. In particular, a lot of these shows I’ve come to discover and ultimately, fall in love with, are fronted by totally bad-ass females who deserve a serious amount of recognition – so here we are.

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Single Review / Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor

When most people think of the differences between men and women nowadays, one would hope the word ‘equality’ springs to mind. The support and awareness of feminism and equality between the sexes is one that has been prevalent more than ever these past few years, with female artists such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift being icons for strong and independent females of all ages. However, every now and then there are songs such as Meghan Trainor’s ‘Dear Future Husband’ that flip all of this on its head. With a reputation for controversial lyrics, this comes as no surprise.

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