What You Should Be Watching / Girl Power

This is a result of one overriding thing: I am Queen of Procrastination. You may try and contest that fact, but trust me; I even procrastinated in writing this. When I first drafted this post I was sat in bed listening to the radio, pretending not to think about the fact I had an essay due in three days. Said essay had been set around two months prior. Basically, I’m a total idiot. However, when I’m stressed and have deadlines, for some reason all I end up doing is turning off the lights, snuggling up under my duvet and binging TV series. In particular, a lot of these shows I’ve come to discover and ultimately, fall in love with, are fronted by totally bad-ass females who deserve a serious amount of recognition – so here we are.

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Film Review / The Duff

For many throughout their teenage years, there is one main question: where do I fit in? Finding the people you connect and feel comfortable with can be a struggle for some, and even when you’ve found a group of people you call ‘friends’, you can still feel like you’re the odd one out. The latest teen romantic comedy The Duff seeks to challenge this feeling of being an outsider and ultimately sets out to change the message.

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TV Review / A Love Letter to My Mad Fat Diary

Dear diary…

Based on the novel of the same name by the wonderful Rae Earl, My Mad Fat Diary has been on our screens for the last couple of years now. A unique blend of brilliant acting, writing and the 90s, the show quickly became a favourite of many teenagers, and the news of the third series being its last was hard for many to process. If I’m being honest, this post is most likely going to be totally biased as to why My Mad Fat Diary is so brilliant as it’s probably my favourite show in the world but even so, please stick with me if you can.

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