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Hi there! I’m Kirstie, an MA Magazine Journalism student at Cardiff University. I previously studied English Literature and Hispanic Studies at University of Birmingham, during which time this blog was born.

I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember and have written for several publications including my former university newspaper, Redbrick (as well as being one of the deputy editors), The National Student, tmrw magazine, Birmingham Wire, and more. I love to write about music, entertainment, travel and I’ve also written several blog posts about my year studying in Spain for those of you who have clicked on here seeking help and advice!

My blog posts are mainly about my life, with current posts documenting my time in Wales as a postgraduate and how I’m coping. However I also update this site with pieces I’ve written for other outlets, whether that be an interview, review or ranty opinion piece. If you want to see my extensive portfolio somewhere in a more professional context, check out my Contently page or my Linkedin.

For any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to email me at kirstie[.]suthers[@]gmail[.]com.



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