Interview / Rae Morris

Sat in her dressing room at Birmingham’s O2 Institute, I met to have a chat with Blackpool singer-songwriter Rae Morris. Fresh from a show in Oxford the previous evening, Morris is calm, collected and steaming her voice to make sure she’s on top form. And I’m not surprised; with a new pop-synth sound and a more colourful presence than previously seen from her on new record Someone Out There, I’ve no doubt her stage set-up is just as impressive. ‘I still play piano on a couple of tunes’, she admits, alluding to her debut, Unguarded, ‘But it’s definitely not my only base. I’m mostly at the front of the stage, jumping around, dancing. It’s really invigorating… I kind of give myself more energy by moving around. I come off stage feeling like I’ve done a work out.’

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Live Review / Tom Misch

Tom Misch is fast becoming the staple artist on every young 20-something’s Spotify playlists. A multi-instrumentalist working from his bedroom, Misch has since catapulted to glory in recent months, his cult following resulted in a sold out night at Birmingham’s O2 Institute. His fusion of jazz and R&B beats attracted a far more diverse crowd than I anticipated, the room buzzing with excitement waiting for him to grace the stage.

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